Products & Tools For Self Leveling Underlayment


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Welcome to our products and tool page. On this page we have tool and product recommendations with links to help you with your next self leveling underlayment job. Our goal is to educate and facilitate you on your next floor leveling project. The products listed here are products that we have used and believe in. “Keep The Level “ with Edgeban

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Perfect Level Master 1/8

Tile Leveling clips

Perfect Level Master™ T-Lock™

  • System ensures that your tile installation will be leveled on the point tile to tile (each tile is leveled by all tiles around it).

  • Prevents tiles from warping as your thinset cures.

  • Process of laying tiles takes less time, as you do not have to level your tiles the traditional way.

  • System brings perfect result each time!! For DIY and trade professionals,

  • T-Lock™ is very fast to install and to remove! very durable and precise!!

  • Saving installers time and reputation!

Essential for correct installation of large format, wood plank and heavy tiles with rectified (sharp) edges ..


Spike Roller

Used to smooth out self leveling underlayment

Spike Roller

TradeUnderlay Spiked Screeding Roller Large Spikes 250Mm X 21Mm

The spike roller will smooth out self leveling underlayment and break any surface tension in the self leveling underlayment. This product is great if you have a floor with multiple bags of self leveling underlayment and intervals between batch mixing.

spike shoes for self leveling underlayment .jpeg

Bon 22-599 3/4-Inch spiked shoes

Walk through the freshly poured self leveling underlayment

Spiked Shoes

The spiked shoes are designed to enable an installer to walk through the freshly poured self leveling underlayment. The metal spikes keep your foot and shoe mostly out of the underlayment material. The installer will be able to walk over the freshly poured floor area, work the material and pour additional leveling material if necessary.


self leveling kit.jpg

Self leveling kit

Self leveling mixing and installation kit


Kraft Tool GG600 Self-Leveling Kit

This kit gets you setup with everything you will need for a self leveling underlayment pour ( Mixing drill sold separately)