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EdgeBan Installation Instructions

EdgeBan is amazing! But you do need to install it correctly.
Follow these instructions for a successful self-leveling pour using EdgeBan. 

  1. Thoroughly read and follow all written instructions for self-leveling material. Properly clean and prepare surfaces before applying self-leveling material.

  2. The floor surface must be properly prepared and primed with the manufacturers recommended bonding product and allowed to dry.

  3. Surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned, structurally sound, stable and solid, properly prepared, bonded, and free from dirt and dust.

  4. Cut EdgeBan and place around the perimeter of the room making sure edges and corners fit together tightly. Make sure the slots in the EdgeBan are facing toward the self-leveling material. In the corners tightly butt joint the pieces of EdgeBan together.  

  5. Place EdgeBan around any penetrations. If an EdgeBan toilet flange cylinder is being used, place it over the toilet flange in place.

  6. After all EdgeBan strips and cylinders are in place, affix EdgeBan to the surface using a medium bead of latex painters caulk. Make sure to use caulk at all butt joints and corner meeting points. *As an alternative installation method thinset mortar can also be used to install the EdgeBan system. Use a 3/8 X 3/8  notch trowel and press the EdgeBan firmly into place.

  7. The floor surface must be properly prepared and primed with the leveling material manufacturers recommended bonding or primer product and allowed to dry. * Primer or bonding agent can be installed before or after EdgeBan products are installed.

  8. Mix and pour self-leveling underlayment following manufacturers instructions. 

  9. Allow the self-leveling underlayment to cure.

  10. After the self-leveling underlayment is dry, flush cut the foam EdgeBan piece back to the height of the floor. A multi tool, sawzall, or fine tooth hand saw will work well for this application.

  11. Holes in the EdgeBan product should be backfilled with mortar if the self-leveling material has not filled it in.

  12. Proceed with flooring installation.