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About Us


Created by professional tile contractors with years of experience in self-leveling underlayments, EdgeBan was born out of the necessity to speed up and simplify this process. While these types of underlayments were a fantastic way to create a level and solid substrate for flooring material installation, there was the risk of losing the leveler through gaps and holes. Trying to ensure a sealed pour required a mix of tricks and tactics…what was needed was an easy solution!

A foam barrier that could be stuck to the floor and then trimmed was the obvious answer… but something was still missing. When trimming, it could sometimes pull out of the floor creating a gap where the flooring wouldn’t be supported, and it also created a soft point in the underlayment. How could a firm base and easy quick trimming be accomplished? By introducing Leveler Lock Technology! The integrated holes and slots allowed the leveler to flow in and create an immovable bond between the EdgeBan and the leveler. It also created a stronger load point to ensure the flooring had a stable and secure substrate.

Edgeban… making self-leveling what it should be… Easy and Fast!

Edgeban was created by professional tile contractors in Salt lake City, Utah.