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Self-leveling underlayment can have a mind of its own! Take control of your next self-leveling job with EdgeBan and Keep the Level.

self leveling underlayment

Prep it Right

EdgeBan is the perfect product to speed up your prep time for any self-leveling underlayment job – big or small. By providing a fast solution to create a leak-poof barrier around the perimeter and floor openings, EdgeBan contains the self-leveling underlayment quickly and efficiently. Level Lock Technology ensures EdgeBan products are fully integrated with the hardened surface by letting the leveler and EdgeBan effectively become one monolithic underlayment. EdgeBan works with the underlayment to become a solid, & flat substrate for flooring material installation.

Ban, Level, Trim, and Lay!



EdgeBan is designed to be installed around the perimeter of any room. It can also be used around doorways and columns. It's light, easy to cut, and simple to install!



One of the most common problems when self-leveling bathrooms is leveler loss around a toilet flange. Flooring installers often throw together last-minute solutions to seal this potential loss point. The ToiletBan solves this problem and installs in seconds.




Another easy loss point is HVAC vent openings. To save customers time, we developed VentBan so you could quickly address these floor openings and get your level on!



Why the Slots?

The slots and holes in EdgeBan are by design. The slots and holes allow self-leveling to flow and fill into the holes creating a link and lock with the leveling material. The Edgeban then becomes monolithic with the underlayment. The Edgeban can then be trimmed flush with the cured leveling material. Flooring material can then be installed directly over the EdgeBan material.